UGANDA, What the fog hides

Uganda is green and it is lush. The contrast between its mountains the colour of hope and its red-clay roads, paints an idyllic central African landscape, where children come out to run after your vehicle along the roads and dance to their latest hit with their friends, to impress you with their expertise and rhythm.

Uganda is joy. It means feeling in the heart of Africa and being part of it for a few moments. It means you blood running through your veins and that you can feel it. Because everything is natural, because everything makes sense. Being alive and being there.

There are dream places in Uganda, prepared for you to live an experience that you would not have dared to imagine, such as visiting and staying in lodges that caress the sky and that are surrounded by the most incredible wildlife and flora. Images and landscapes that are difficult to describe with words, and that accompany you for the rest of your life and will be your existential refuge.

Clouds Mountain Gorila Lodge

When it comes to enjoying its fauna, Uganda offers multiple savanna National Parks to spot the Big 5 and subtropical vegetation zones with practically virgin primary forests. And hidden in the fog and its lush jungles, live, of course, its powerful and beautiful mountain gorillas. Trekking to find them and spend time with them is one of the most rewarding eco-fauna experiences you will ever have in your life. It is simply unique.

Visit Queen Elisabeth National Park and track chimpanzees in Kibale National Park. Spot some of the more than 400 species of birds that hide its valleys, such as the surprising shoebill, walk in search of the Murchinson Falls and sail on the Kazinga channel, or travel along the roads at the foot of the mountains of the moon, on a tour that will leave you speechless. Uganda is paradise on earth.

But without a doubt, its most precious value, what distinguishes this wonderful country from the rest, is its people. Its children and their joy, the colours and flavours of its fruit piled up in its rich and picturesque markets, the smiles and the warm welcome it gives you.

Uganda is a paradise that you cannot miss.

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