Located in East Africa, Tanzania is one of the most demographically varied countries on the entire continent. Here, more than a hundred different ethnic groups coexist in peace.

In rural areas there is no television, many people use small solar panels with just enough capacity to power a couple of light bulbs. Education is the only way to achieve a better life, so the little light they can get is dedicated to children and young people being able to extend their study hours.

At night families gather in front of the bonfire. Sometimes the neighbours join in. At these bonfires the elders tell some “hadithi”, a story in Swahili, the local language. In rural Tanzania, knowledge continues to be transmitted orally.

Northern Tanzania is a paradise. A fertile land, with markets full of fruit, vegetables, and friendly people. Also, with some of the most beautiful volcanoes on the planet. Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro, Mpakai, Oldonyo Lengai are concentrated in this region in the north of the country.

These volcanoes rise above endless plains with a density of wild fauna that exceeds the limits of imagination. An explosion of wildlife that you cannot miss.

Let’s talk about northern Tanzania…
The adventure begins when you land at Kilimanjaro airport, where the incredible volcano that gives it its name, the highest peak in Africa, reigns omnipresent. This incredible mass can be seen from the airport itself on clear days and takes the breath away of newly arrived travellers. The first night can be spent in USA River, in a rural setting at the foot of another wonderful volcano, Mount Meru.

The second day could be dedicated to exploring the Tarangire National Park, in the Manyara region, with a very characteristic landscape dotted with Baobabs and large herds of elephants. The park’s name originates from the Tarangire River that runs through it, being the only source of water for wild animals during the dry seasons.

You can also spend a morning at Lake Manyara National Park, famous for its tree-climbing lionesses, incredible scenery, and for being the habitat of a large number of bird species.

You can’t miss the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Thousands of years ago, Ngorongoro was one of the highest peaks in Africa. The volcano imploded creating an incredible caldera the size of the city of Paris. There you can enjoy a safari in a 4×4 vehicle, and you will discover views from the edge of the crater that will leave you speechless. And what about to continuing your trip heading towards one of the most incredible national parks in Africa: The Serengeti National Park.

We want you to enjoy it without rushing, so we recommend spending 3 wonderful nights there. The Serengeti is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Touring it in our open-top 4×4 will make you feel like a director of a National Geographic documentary. The park is large, and the animals are in their natural habitat. We do not know what nature will bring us or what we will be able to see. The park has a large concentration of felines and herbivores and is home, among many other species, to the Big 5: the lion, the leopard, the rhinoceros, the elephant and the buffalo.

To sleep in the park, we have chosen a Tented Camp in the Central Serengeti. It is not only an extraordinary camp, but also an experience. We are talking about sleeping in the middle of the Serengeti, while listening to the sounds of wildlife, sharing a drink and an interesting chat by the bonfire under a blanket of stars.

And from there, a flight that will take you directly from Serengeti to Zanzibar to finish the trip on the shores of the Indian Ocean!

Zanzibar is a paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise sea that also has a lot of history. The island was an Omani Arab sultanate and one of the most important slave ports. Stonetown, the capital, is a medina full of historic buildings, narrow alleys and a magical atmosphere. A wonderful place to walk, get lost (which will probably happen anyway) and buy a souvenir in one of the numerous antique shops in the city, declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The island’s beaches are picture postcard. All this and more is waiting for you in Tanzania, if you travel with Rumbo África.

Safari Njema! Head to Tanzania!

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