South Africa

South Africa: a country that has it all.

South Africa is a multicoloured, vibrant and constantly transforming country. It is the southernmost country on the African continent and brings together a rich and diverse culture, spectacular landscapes with wonderful fauna and flora and a surprising variety of biomes.

South Africa is simply a wonder: it is home to 12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, has 12 official languages, clear proof of the inclusion of all its cultural and tribal components and can boast of having the longest wine route in the world. But in addition, other world records can be attributed to it: Kruger National Park is the 2nd oldest, since it was declared a national park just 12 days apart from Yellowstone in the United States of America; It has the tallest waterfall, is the world’s largest producer of macadamia, titanium, platinum and chrome, and was the world’s largest producer of gold during the 1970s to 2000s, although ecological and conservation efforts have reduced its mining activity to give rise to other industries that are less harmful to the environment.

Its Atlantic coast with cold and dark waters, with heart-stopping cliffs and full of vineyards, perfectly combines the wildness of the landscape with the good taste of its Dutch and British colonial style houses; Its Indian coast with transparent and warm waters is a subtropical garden; Its 21 National Parks and its thousands of private game reserves guarantee you the best wildlife sightings that can be achieved and its wide range of adventure and risk activities meets the needs of the most daring.

4×4 safaris, walking safaris, horseback safaris. Choose your option.

Madikwe Safari Lodge

If what you seek is exclusivity and relaxation, combined with safari activities, spending a few days in some of its private reserves surrounded by comfort, good taste and exquisite delicacies, will be the best option. Or spend a few pleasant, quiet days in one of their private vineyards to taste the renowned South African wines. If you don’t have much time or want to skip the hassle of the land transfers, fly by private plane from one place to another and stay in dream lodges.

South Africa offers multiple possibilities also for the most active and adventurous. Jump from the highest bungee jump in the world. Skydive or dive into a cage to see sharks. Go whale watching by boat or hike in the footsteps of ancient Boer caravans. Sunset cruises, hippo and crocodile spotting cruises, hikes to hidden waterfalls and more.

South Africa has it all and of the best quality.

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