Namib Dune Star Camp

RUMBO FLYING, experience Africa like few others can.

Imagine. Imagine that you are lost in the middle of nowhere, but you feel in the centre of the world. You are aware of being in a unique place, and when you look around you see an evocative landscape that makes you lose yourself in daydreams. The armchair in which you are sitting is upholstered with a cotton and linen fabric with exotic motifs, delicate to the touch but destined to last, and in your hand you have a glass of cold Sauvignon Blanc. You turn your head and your eyes rest on the different objects that surround you: a noble wood lamp handmade by a renowned local artist, a closet with brass ceiling lights decorated with engravings that represent peacock feathers, or that narrates stories of the country or represent ancient and sacred trees. Suddenly, in the distance, you see a herd of elephants slowly approaching the river to drink, and little by little the sun is setting in a sunset that reveals itself before you in all its splendour.

Tomorrow early morning you will go on safari. You will wear your beige linen shirt and the Stetson you bought for this trip. At mid-morning the guide will open the picnic table and serve you a delicious tea or coffee with gingerbread cookies while delighting you with his knowledge of the fauna and flora of the place. You will continue on safari and then return to the lodge to rest and enjoy a quiet aperitif on the banks of the Okavango. You don’t know what you’re enjoying more, the exuberant nature of these places or the lodge’s wooden deck, with its comfortable sofas and impressive views. And what would one be without the other?

Detalle de un gabinete en el Xigera Safari Lodge

“Touches” de Bushmans Kloof

You remember yesterday’s flight with a smile. You got on the Cessna that brought you to this paradise and flew over the Delta, admiring the meanders of its channels and the hippos diving into the waters of the river and from time to time, in the distance, a mokoro walking a couple in the middle of the papyrus and the reeds. You know that in two days another spectacular flight will take you to your next destination, and that makes you feel even better. A stay awaits you in a vineyard two hours north of Cape Town. You have already booked a relaxing massage at the boutique hotel where you will stay and, in the evening, you will enjoy a delicious dinner washed down with one of the house’s famous wines. At the lodge they have offered you the possibility of serving dinner in a special place, on some rocks next to the cliff, just for the two of you. You know they are masters at creating romantic scenes so you may decide to accept the offer. You sigh. You feel good, and you know that this has just begun…

With Rumbo Flying, our luxury travel department, you can be the protagonist of experiences like this, with all the comfort, amenities and exclusivity. You will stay in the best lodges and you will have the opportunity to travel from one place to the other by private plane or jet.

Make your visit to Africa a work of art, in which everything comes together to provide you with unique, magical and unforgettable moments. Tell us how you want to live them, and together we will make it possible.

Rumbo Flying: experience Africa like few others can.


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