Namibia, a country that will leave you speechless.

If you already know other places in Africa, you will see that this is unique. Its landscapes will make you feel on another planet, its light will inspire you and its starry nights will evoke your most romantic side and make you feel an infinite part of this universe.

With skies that never end and one of the lowest population densities in the world, Namibia is a journey inward; Here the human encounter is intimate when it rarely happens and you realize more than ever how brutal and at the same time wonderful the adaptation of the human being is to the environment in which he has to live.

Its colours are an endless palette of ochres, and even its tribes acquire this colour. And despite being a mostly arid and semi-arid country, it has great contrasts; the oldest desert in the world with the tallest and reddest dunes; semi-arid basaltic and granite areas full of euphorbias, aloes and moringas or waterfalls that pierce ancient black rocks and form oases full of palm trees. It has 1,500 km of Atlantic Ocean coast only suitable for the bravest and a cruel history that hides great lessons and that has forged a rich, exemplary and very diverse culture.

With its 13 national parks (some of which measure almost 23,000 km2) and 6 protected areas, it is home to a great diversity of fauna. You can see, among many others, the famous Big 5, with Etosha National Park having one of the largest populations of black rhinoceros, a species that is in danger of extinction. Take refuge for a few days in one of its wonderful and exclusive private wildlife reserves and be the main character of your own story in the African savanna.

Or track with us the majestic and resilient desert-adapted elephants, a hidden gem in the valleys of Damaraland, in accommodation completely integrated into this rocky and spectacular landscape, where good taste and comfort together with tranquillity and respect for nature, fight to occupy the first position. Get an up-close look at one of the largest fur seal colonies in Southern Africa, on the untamed Skeleton Coast.

Enjoy a panoramic flight in a small plane or balloon over the dunes of the Namib, ride a horse to contemplate a breathtaking sunset where the sun dyes the desert with impossible colours, or take a longer journey on the back of your horse and spend the night under the starry sky of the Naukluft.

Driving your own quad bike or sandboarding where the desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, skydiving, going on a cruise to see pelicans, dolphins and even humpback whales, or interacting with some of the oldest tribes in the world, are just a few of the activities you can experience on our routes.
At Rumbo África we will plan your trip with you so that you can fully enjoy this jewel of a country, in a personalized and unique way.

Come to Namibia, it will transform you!

Photography provided by Lucas Fernández, one of our travelers

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