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Botswana is a wild paradise. A huge country that sits on the sands of the 7th largest desert in the world, the mythical Kalahari. Botswana hides great secrets that any seasoned traveller would like to discover. And it protects its wonders with a complex and fascinating orography, which makes its exploration a challenge.

Endless landscapes, wild and diverse fauna and one of the lowest population densities in the world. Botswana is an exclusive gem, and its people are friendly and hospitable.

The wonderful and renowned Okavango Delta, a World Heritage Site, is one of its gems. This unique ecosystem forms one of the largest inner deltas in the world and is home to spectacularly rich, yet delicate biodiversity. Reeds and papyrus accompany the course of the Okavango River, which originates in the central plateaus of Angola and whose waters take an average of 3 months to travel its 1,500 km length and be deposited in the beds of the Delta. More than 400 species of birds, waterbuck, swimming lions, and large herds of elephants are just some of its characteristic inhabitants.

Mokoro ride through the Okavango Delta

Xigera lodge

Xigera Safari Lodge

The accommodations in the Okavango Delta, as well as in the rest of Botswana, are usually very beautiful and exclusive, since this country has opted since its independence from its British protectorate, for quality tourism, which impacts as little as possible on its ecosystem and that contributes the greatest amount of resources to the area.

But Botswana is not just the Okavango Delta. Visiting the Makgadikgadi salt flat and spending a unique night under the stars of this giant dry lake, where you become part of a painting in which there is no distinction between heaven and earth, is an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Enter Chief Island, Moremi or the Kwai River area and spend a few lost days going on safari and resting in accommodations in unique, spectacular and wild enclaves, which few have had the opportunity to visit. Or spend a few days in the Chobe National Park, the park with the highest density of African elephants in the world and a spectacle of nature, to be visited by land or by boat along the Chobe River. Botswana offers everything you need for your African experience.

Botswana is a classic but remains untouched. Everything in it is so remote and wild that you will feel sweetly lured in a paradise from which you will never want to leave.

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